PRINT & BUILD aims to design a prototype machine capable of materializing a building using large-scale additive manufacturing technology.

The PRINT & BUILD project is based on introducing the techniques of Rapid Prototyping technology (additive manufacturing), in the construction sector, to obtain houses in 3D. However, the application of 3D technologies in the field of construction has been studied, but to date, it has not been possible to do so due to the difficulty of: 

  • Develop valid materials for 3D printing.          
  • Apply large-scale 3D printing technology.          

The challenges posed by this project are based on overcoming the aforementioned difficulties, developing new techniques and materials that can replace the concrete currently used in construction. Applying the new technology on a large scale represents a new scenario regarding what has currently been developed in 3D printing, which is based on designs of plastic parts and their subsequent printing on a laboratory scale.


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