Mechanized CNC


The mechanization CNC is a manufacturing process for erosion of iron with centers of mechanization and turned that incorporate one or two axes of draft into three principal axes of adjournment.

This technology controlled by computer allows the manufacture of pieces from an initial material that is eliminated by tools of court. For pieces with complex surfaces, the Foundation CIM has working stations with TopSolid, a system CAD/CAM specially indicated for mechanization multiaxes.



Manufacture of the only piece and small series in metallic, plastic or ceramic materials.
Mechanization of light metals (aeronautics and aerospace technology), steels, titanium and exotic alloys.
Precision mechanization (mechanics dies, sensors, optics) and special pieces (compressors spirals).
Mechanization of molds and counterfoils for manufacture of presses of injection or smelting.
Mechanization of molds for laminated in aluminium and polyurethane.

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