The dimensional engineering includes the field of the three-dimensional metrología and the inverse engineering of form combines.

The experience and the knowledge acquired by the equipment of the Foundation CIM in the fields of the metrología and the manufacturing processes, allow to offer a service to the clients not only of generation of dimensional reports, but also of advice in the detection of problems and the improvement of the productive processes and the design of the product.

Besides the own equipments, the Foundation CIM has access to the whole range of equipment of metrología of precision located to the Technical School of Industrial Engineering of Barcelona of the UPC. 



Check of pieces mechanized with MMC.
Homologation of product.
Check of machine tool.
Studies of capacity of manufacturing process.
Generation of files CAD from physical model.
Digitalization of pieces and comparison with model 3D.
Measures of ruggedness 3D and 2D.
Calibration of machine tools.

Equipaments disponibles