Special processes


Apart from the technologies most known about mechanization CNC and of Rapid Prototyping, the Foundation CIM arranges other equipments directed to doing less known processes.

We all understand for Special Processes those that, for his particularity, are not common to the industry of production seriada, but that happen very useful at the moment of doing short series and prototypes.

Often, without this type of process it will be technically and economically unviable to realize these series, basic for the validation of the product.



Mechanization of extremely small pieces.
Manufacture of molds and counterfoils.
Manufacture of straight and spiral interior or exterior gears.
Manufacture of microgears.
Manufacture of surgical or biomedical material.
Court of extremely hard materials.
Manufacture and assembly of pieces of sheet.
Mechanization of microburdened.
Manufacture of special tools.

Equipaments disponibles