Rapid Prototyping


The Rapid Prototyping, also known as manufacture additive or 3D printing, is a manufacturing process for addition of material gelds to cap that uses for the obtaining of rapid prototypes. This technology controlled by computer allows making plastic, metallic or ceramic pieces, in some cases with mechanical properties very similar to the plastic technical personnel.

The construction of a model with traditional methods can imply from some hours to several days or weeks of work, depending on the used method and on the measure and the complexity of the model. On the contrary, the systems of prototyping rapid models can produce at a few hours, though this can change widely dependently on the type of machine that is in use and the measure and number of models who take place simultaneously.

Finally, the standard interface of information between CAD's programs and the machines is the format of file STL. STL's file comes closer the form of a piece or set with triangular facets. The smaller be the facets major it will be the quality of the surface. Other valid files of work are IGS or STEP.

The Fundació CIM, located in Barcelona, Objet, FDM has equipments of Estereolitografia, Sintered Selective Laser... as well as the human necessary equipment to fulfil the finished necessary ones for the rapid prototypes that are made.



Geometric prototypes: They serve for the validation of design, checking of the geometric conformity and assemblies.
Aesthetic prototypes: They serve for the evaluation of aesthetic aspects and for it shows to clients, fairs or catalogs.
Functional prototypes: They allow validating the functioning of the final product and in some cases they serve as final piece.
Technical prototypes: They are in use for evaluating all the functions of the final piece.
Technical prototypes: They are in use for evaluating all the functions of the final piece.
Models of architecture: They are used to obtaining the adjudication of a project or work.
Medical applications: From the information of a TAC, it is possible to reproduce any geometry obtained of the interior of the human body.
Piece master: They are in use for the later manufacture of pieces by means of mold of silicone or micromerger.

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