CAPE Postgraduate


The Manufacturing Process Engineering is responsible for designing and selecting the optimum productive elements for a given productive application, with the following objectives: to minimize costs, reduce production times and implementation, improve quality and, above all, increase productivity.

In today's industrial environment increasingly it becomes more important to improve the efficiency of our facilities. That's why along the course are presented and used the latest techniques in the field of computer-aided manufacturing and Lean Manufacturing that provides management tools necessary for continuous improvement in our manufacturing plants.

This integrated design environment that takes account of process engineering, it is necessary to have computer design tools support the production process, to reduce production costs and speed up the start of production of the products.


On having finished the course, the participants will be capable of: 

  • Identify and assess the characteristics and advantages of the use of manufacturing’s engineering systems processes assisted by computer, in order to select the best for every need.
  • Implement actions in accordance with the Lean Manufacturing efficiency improvements.
  • Increase the speed of decision-making based on the simulation and its results.
  • Dispose of the operation’s information of the production system before its implantation.

Edition: March 2015

UPC Alumni Premium 10%; unemployed people 10%; Partners 10%; CETIB 15 %
105 hours
Mon & Wed or Tue & Thu, from 18:15 to 21:45h

1. Processes and Manufacturing Systems

  • Introduction to manufacturing processes
  • Processes for obtaining plastic parts
  • Processes for obtaining metallic pieces
  • Case Sigma BCN3D


2. CAM Technology

  • Introduction to numerical control systems
  • CAM CNC Machining
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Robot as a tool for flexible manufacturing
  • Rapid Tooling Case


3. Industrialization of a product

  • Distribution plant
  • Process Automation
  • Simulation Process
  • Analysis of production costs and economic viability of investments
  • Outsourcing in low-cost countries
  • Quality control
  • Negotiation with suppliers
  • Case Marcimlla


4. Process Improvement with Lean Manufacturing

  • Tools Kaizen continuous improvement: 5S, SPC, poka-yoke, etc.
  • Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) and OEE
  • Pull and Kanban System by SMED
  • Case BCN3D Technologies

5. final project


Thursday, 13 july 2017 on 18:30h, in Sala de Juntes.

For more information, please contact us or call to 93 401 71 71.

This postgraduate course is addressed to technical professionals who develop their activity in any of the areas of production and industrial design and want to apply the most current tools used in process engineering, in order to increase productivity and reduce costs.

Career opportunities: Departments of Engineering Processes of Manufacturing and Consultancy specially, those who are focused in design and production processes.

The teaching staff that integrates the Program consists of professionals who combine their work with their teaching task, allowing with its wide experience in the sector the learning quality, which adapts to the business reality.

Roger Uceda Fundació CIM
Jordi Ribatallada ASCAMM
Lluís Costa DEM-UPC
Toni Laserna Cad Tech
Joan Montaner TECNOCIM
Toni Parera FCIM
Albert Barbero NIDEC
Albert Arjona FCIM
Pere Datzira Renishaw
Magí Galindo Leitat Technological
Albert Crusí FCIM
Adrià Quiñones FCIM
Cristian Massaguer FCIM
Jose Ortega FCIM

Roger Uceda, Postgraduate Director.
Industrial Engineering by the ETSEIB (UPC) and Master's degree in Production management by Fundació CIM (UPC).

He began his career at Delphi and Metaldyne, Automotive Companies, in the field of process engineering. In 2005, he joined Fundació CIM, where he has developed his professional career as Director of operations at the Pilot Plant. In recent years, he has combined the main activity of manufacturing of prototypes and pre-series for companies in sector automotive, packaging and appliances, with the implementation of Lean Manufacturing companies and his active participation in R&D projects at new manufacturing processes area.