Message from the Chief Executive Officer

Welcome to the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.

"Fundació CIM makes part of this technology-focused university within a country, Catalonia, which represents 0.1% of the global population and generates 1% of the overall scientific production. Where are the industries that transform that cutting edge knowledge into high-added value competitive products?

To put it mildly, our country still has work to do. We have already set to work. In this web page there are described the tools that enable companies to achieve this task. Notwithstanding the foregoing, that is not an easy task. The industrial paradigm is in a moment of change. Now, we are conscious of what globalization means, and we have discovered that we were not enough ready for it. We have witnessed how emblematic companies closured, and the delocalization of many of them, which once came attracted by the, not any longer, competitive industrial costs.

We are now aware that monoculture economic models, such as real state or tourism, may represent traps of serious consequences. After all, our society has determined that there is no future without industry. And in the light of our experience, that industry can only be based on what I have previously mentioned: products developed on our own, with highly-added value, and clearly focused on exportation.

That is the reason why Fundació CIM provides a vast practical approach, addressed to the application of advanced development and production technologies. And we strongly believe that this approach is the only way to create skilled jobs, which our UPC’s students head to. Fundació CIM was born in the 90ties to fill in the gap between TIC’s and Manufacturing Technologies (CIM, Computer Integrated Manufacturing). Nowadays, its structure and reason to be go beyond the concept of a technological centre.

It is an Institute of Technology, which combines Services / Projects, Research and Training. The synergies between these three capabilities enable a real and effective technology transfer.

Last but not least, we are pioneers making another key activity to train tomorrow high-skilled technicians and engineers, reaching the needs of the 4th industrial revolution: working in a basis of self-financing and risk, we develop our own free and open source products (BCN3D technologies) focused to facilitate non-expert people the access to manufacturing technology.

As a result of our effort and eagerness, we are leading the development of digital manufacturing equipment in South Europe. You are invited to see it firsthand."

Felip Fenollosa i Artés
Fundació CIM CEO

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya • BarcelonaTech