Mission, Vision and Values


To promote investigation and  innovation of products and  systems of manufacturing and associated processes of engineering production, in closed cooperation with UPC, contributing to the development of technology and promoting knowledge, providing high-level formation.


Fundació Centre CIM will focus his activities towards an environment included in specific areas of creation and application of knowledge, technologies, processes and formation, separated from other entities, to optimize the resources and to be involved  in technological and industrial development of the company, allways with full visibility and commitment.


   1.     Technological Progress

   2.     Continuous improvement

   3.     Colaboration and cooperation

   4.     Implication and commitment

   5.     Professionalism and confidence

   6.     Enthusiasm and illusion 

Corporate Values: they are obtained through experience some personal attitudes, with the idea of which: "We must do a good work, and we enjoy doing it".

We must do a good work. Our personal attitudes must be: 

  • Spirit of improvement
  • Concerned about training
  • Dedication

And we enjoy doing that work. Our personal attitudes must be: 

  • Respect everybody  
  • To be positively critical with incorrect issues
  • Be proud of our goals