Additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing

The additive processes are those that allow manufacturing an object from scratch (without starting with a block of base material) and where the machines add the required material.

The additive processes include, among others, all rapid prototyping technologies with methods such as 3D printing, stereolithography (SLA) or Selective Laser Sintering (SLS). All additive processes have in common the fact that complex geometries can be generate in a very quick way. In all cases, objects have a very thin texture, almost imperceptible.

Currently, aviation and automotive sectors tend to outsourcing for manufacturing parts. These sectors have created very stringent quality criteria, which causes that companies with a better quality system are those which become more competitive.

The standardization of additive manufacturing processes generates process improvements that allows to answering needs and expectations of the most demanding sectors.

The Fundació CIM has extensive experience in manufacturing, being one of the first centers getting those technologies’ equipment. Fundació's activities in this line are focused on the development of new additive manufacturing processes, the study of the influence of manufacturing parameters and comparison of the mechanical properties of parts made with these technologies with those parts manufactured by conventional methods and standardization of these new processes.

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