Looming Factory is coordinated by the UPC's research centre on Electronic Drives and Industrial Applications (MCIA), which aims to develop and validate the digital technologies of the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution in pilot plants of production systems, characterized for the interconnection of machines and systems and the operational integration of workers with the production environment, as well as for the exchange of information with logistics and distribution systems. In this sense, it will develop four projects that add up to a global investment of 4 million euros. 

  • Smart Factory: focused on developing advanced monitoring algorithms.        
  • Connected Factory: focused on communication systems.        
  • Robots where Factory: use of the workspace by robot arms or mobile robots and their collaboration with workers.        
  • Factories of the Future: includes the demonstrators of technologies developed in previous projects, where at CIM UPC we are project leaders.        

This project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).